Give your child the best start to 'Big School' at Papilio 


School Readiness Program

Children aged 3-5 years

Starting 'Big School' is an exciting time in a child’s lifelong learning journey, and the School Readiness Program offered at Papilio Early Learning Centres gives your child the very best start.

Our program is designed specifically for children aged 3-5 years. It stimulates young minds, builds confidence, resilience and positive self image, and supports children’s transition to school, while setting them up for a lifetime love of learning.

We know that all children are capable of achieving success and our university qualified teachers and experienced educators will help your child reach their full potential.

Come take a look at what your child will learn, program inclusions, how an example day is structured, and why now is the best time to enrol.

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Children who attend a high quality early learning program in the years before school are up to 40% ahead of their peers before they reach Year 3.

University Of Melbourne, 2017

Included in the School Readiness Program

We know that all children are capable of realising their full potential if they are in the right environment. That is why we use project-based learning, appropriate technology and enrichment programs to spark the best experiences, and give children the very best start before they begin 'Big School'.

These exciting initiatives are all included in our Lifelong Learning School Readiness Curriculum:

Positive Living Skills

Positive Living Skills

This program is designed to equip children with essential skills for mental and emotional wellbeing. It helps them develop healthy self esteem and positive relationships, plus gives them tools and strategies that will help in all aspects of their life. Endorsed by Beyond Blue.

MathSeeds & Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs & MathSeeds

These fun, engaging technology-based games help children learn foundational reading, mathematics and problem solving skills. Families enroled in our School Readiness program receive full access to these programs (valued at $250) at no additional charge.

Big Thinkers STEM

Big Thinkers STEM

Our Big Thinkers STEM program focuses on engaging children's interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It covers topics like natural science, weather, physics, and biology using a learning-through-play and hands-on approach.

First Nations Education

First Nations Education

We have partnered with Wandana Aboriginal Education to deliver a purpose-built Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural education program for children. This immersive cultural learning experience includes weekly classroom activities, as well as an authentic Aboriginal handmade artefacts and education kit.

Aussie Wildlife Champions

Aussie Wildlife Champions

Developed in partnership with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, this program aims to support young children build an understanding of our unique Australian animals and habitats, as well as foundational aspects of conservation.

Early Years Toolbox

Early Years Toolbox

This app-based assessment tool for children aged 4-5 years is designed to accurately assesses their learning and development in areas such as numeracy, vocabulary, working memory, and aspects of self-regulation. This information in turn helps educators identify future intentional teaching opportunities.


What Will Your Child Learn?

Papilio's qualified teachers and experienced educators are trained in Affinity Education's Lifelong Learning Curriculum, Australia's most advanced approach to early education. It is based on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, the approved play-based approach to early education for children before they begin primary school, and offers a rich combination of child-led learning and intentional teaching experiences. Our aim at Papilio is to support every child to develop in four very important areas: emotional confidence, social connectivity, foundational learning, and physical health and wellbeing.

Emotional Confidence

Your child will explore their identity; learn to express and understand emotions in themselves and in others; develop confidence in their own abilities; and build resilience. These support a confident start to the new environment and routines at school.

Social Connectivity

Your child will learn to engage with others; to develop social skills such as listening, sharing and turn taking; and understand their impact on others. These help to establish new relationships and connections with others at school.

Foundational Learning

Your child will learn early literacy and numeracy skills; the use of writing implements; and research, discovery and creative thinking. These are the important beginnings to writing, reading, maths and problem-solving required for the academic side of school.

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Your child will learn about healthy living; increase independence in self-care practices; and enhance physical skills. These ensure your child is equipped to physically care for themselves and engage in schoolyard play in the school environment.

"No matter what age your child joins us, the benefits of the Lifelong Learning Curriculum will soon become very obvious to you."

Dr. Lesley Jones, Head of Education & Pedagogy, Affinity Education Group

Experience a Day at Papilio!

  • Continental breakfast

    Children who join us early in the day are invited to enjoy a yummy continental breakfast with their friends.

  • Warm welcome

    Your little one will be welcomed by their educators and friends with big smiles. If your child needs a little comfort at drop off, we'll spend one on one time with them and get them engaged in a fun activity to ease the transition. 

  • Physical & nature play

    Depending on the weather, we will begin the day by venturing outside in the fresh air. Children love participating in our yoga sessions and the opportunity to test their limits in the playground. They also enjoy the opportunity to explore nature, and tend to the veggie garden and worm farm. 

  • Child-guided learning

    Throughout the day, children have the opportunity to explore our different and exciting learning zones. Our learning zones are intentionally set up each day based on children's latest interests, learning and development, so even when they are playing independently, children are developing essential skills through our classroom environments.

  • Morning tea

    Children love our Centre Cook's freshly baked muffins and yogurt! Mealtimes are also a great opportunity to explore mathematical concepts like counting and measuring.

  • Enquiry based project

    A defining feature of our School Readiness program is our focus on inquiry-based learning and the project approach. Project work allows children and educators to engage in ‘Shared Sustained Thinking’ around interesting investigations. Projects are child-led and focussed on supporting children to generate questions about their topic of interest and then to collaboratively work with their peers and educators to research and investigate to find the answers.

  • Big Thinkers STEM

    Children will delve into one of the Big Thinkers STEM units, for example, 'What We Eat'. This unit explores principals of healthy eating and recognition of own bodily needs in preparation for school independence. Other units include 'How do we Grow & Change', 'What is Weather', and 'How Does it Move'.

  • Nutritious lunch

    Children love to come together as a group at lunch time to enjoy a wholesome meal prepared fresh by our Centre Cook. Our delicious menu is nutritionally balanced and meets each food group recommendation - essential for growing bodies and minds! 

  • Rest & relaxation

    After lunch, relaxing music is switched on and children are given the opportunity rest their bodies and minds. They may choose to rest on a toddler bed, comfy cushions, read or participate in a quiet activity, like colouring in or doing puzzles.

  • Creative writing & shared reading

    During this session, children come together as a group on the mat and participate in a group activity which aims to expand their language and literacy skills in a fun way. They might search for words, practice letters and sounds by playing 'Letter Bingo' or even make a treasure map!

  • Afternoon tea

    Children excitedly await their next freshly prepared meal. Pizza scrolls are always a hit, as are the ham and salad wraps. 

  • Farewell

    As the day draws to a close, children love to venture outside again and play. The push bikes are a popular choice, as is the sandpit and obstacle course! We begin to farewell each child, ensuring they leave the centre feeling valued and excited to return again tomorrow.

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A Closer Look at Our Curriculum

Papilio Early Learning Centre's qualified teachers and experienced educators are trained in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum, Australia's most advanced approach to early education.

Is My Child Ready For School?


What age do children start kindergarten in QLD?

  • Starting age: To attend Kindergarten in 2025, your child must have turned 4 by 30 June 2025.
  • Start date: Kindergarten starts on 28 January 2025. It runs alongside the Queensland school terms.
  • Number of days per week: Our Kindergarten Approved School Readiness program runs Monday to Friday each week. Children are required to attend 15 hours per week across three days, 40 weeks of the year. You can then book additional days as you like.
  • Enrolment cut-off date: If choosing the full year program, you must enrol before 10 January 2025. However, spots fill fast, so the earlier you enrol, the more likely you will secure your spot!
  • Mid-year enrolment: Children can enrol anytime during the year but studies strongly recommended at least one year of Kindergarten before they begin primary school.

What age do children start primary school in QLD?

To be eligible for Prep, the first year of primary school in QLD, children must be aged 5 years by 30 June in the year they start Prep.

How much does kindergarten cost in QLD?


Centres near you

Enrolments now open!

Find your nearest Papilio and start the enrolment process