Creativity and fun through the power of books at Papilio!

Over the week of the 21st of August, our Papilio centres celebrated book week through the power of dress up, imagination and creativity as our Educators and Teachers developed learning experiences inspired by the books the children read every day

Papilio Early Learning Baulkham Hills brought the books they read to life with a range of activities drawn directly from some of the children's favourite books.   

In the Toddler Room, the Educators ran experiences such as,   

Room On The Broom – Potion-making   

Making potions allowed the children to experience cause and effect as they tried different liquids to create the biggest eruption by mixing vinegar, water and bicarb.  

Hungry Bear - Tray with ice being melted with warm water   

The Toddlers enjoyed the range of sensory play-based activities, with their favourites being potion-making and ice melting, which promote fine motor as they tipped and poured the warm water on the ice, using the eye droppers to move the warm water and create holes in the ice.    

Tiger That Came To Tea Story- Tea sensory tray   

We read them the story and then allowed the children to try and recall it as they played; this promotes memory recall and dramatic play as they role-played using the materials.   

Amanda Brown, Centre Manager at Papilio Baulkham Hills, shared, "I love seeing the children take materials and create something new; during the Tiger that came to tea, the children were playing, and one took the tea bag and started to say "dip dip dip" he concentrated and you could see him remove it and pour the water in the cup "it's hot" he told me as he passed it over "you have to blow on it tea is hot." 

All our centres provide a variety of reading practices for the children in our care and ensure that this invaluable skill is developed during a child's Early Childhood Education Journey.