Benefits of bubble play for toddlers

Bubble Play: Ways Toddlers Benefit

As adults, we might sometimes forget the simple pleasures that captivated us in our early years. One such joyous activity that continues to enchant toddlers worldwide is playing with bubbles. The whimsical dance of iridescent spheres floating through the air can spark immense delight and wonder in young minds. Beyond being a source of entertainment, bubble play offers a plethora of developmental benefits for toddlers.

Messy play ideas for toddlers | Slime play fun at Papilio Early Learning Centre

The Fun, Gooey World of Slime Play: Exploring the Benefits

In the realm of childhood imagination, there exists a substance that captures the essence of wonder and creativity: slime. What may seem like a simple gooey material holds within it a universe of benefits for young minds. Beyond just being a playful activity, slime play serves as a gateway to a world of sensory exploration, offering a myriad of developmental advantages for children.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning Journey: The Early Years Toolbox

By leveraging the expertise of academic professionals, and integrating evidence-based practices into our curriculum, we can enrich the learning experiences of our students and set them on the path to success.

Supporting The Progression To Big School

With Graduation done and dusted, you and your child may be nervous about the transition into Big School. Here are five tips to support your child with this significant milestone and set them up for success.

Navigating End of Year Transitions

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum offers an abundance of research-based practices that ensure continuous learning during the holiday season. As a parent, you may wonder what development your child is progressing with during this time.

Benefits of attending Early Childhood and Care during the Holiday period 

The two years before your child starts Primary School is of great significance. Affinity Education offers a two-year Kindergarten/ Preschool Program that caters to and supports your child’s holistic learning and development.

Artarmon Kindergarten

Why Friendships Before ‘Big School’ Are So Important

Research continues to highlight the importance of the first five years of a child’s life as the most critical period in the life span for brain development (Fox & Geddes, 2016). The richness and quality of early experiences during this critical time have lifelong impacts on future trajectories at school and beyond (OECD 2016). Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum strives to provide everything children need to develop a lifelong love of learning and be socially and emotionally resilient before moving from our centres. – Dr Lesley Jones

Get to know your National Quality Standards

Our childcare centres are committed to a continuous improvement journey that enriches quality education and care delivery benchmarked against the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) standards.

The Importance of Friendships and Relationships in Childcare

Research tells us that children who struggle to be socially competent by the time they reach formal school face some real challenges socially and academically, and one reason we work so hard to help young children form positive relationships and early friendships.

Aussie Wildlife Champions Dress Up and Donate Success

Through the second and third week of September, all our Papilio centres participated in the Aussie Wildlife Champions fundraiser drive for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.