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Affinity Awards Papilio Childcare

2023 Affinity Awards Open for Nominations

Affinity Education Group is excited to announce the launch of its yearly national awards, celebrating outstanding achievements and excellence within the Early Education and Care sector. This year, the awards experienced a record-breaking response, with more than 634 nominations received across more than 225 centres Australia wide. The sheer number of nominations is a testament to the Educators' enthusiasm and pride across Affinity Education Group.

Affinity Increases Commitment to The Smith Family

Affinity Education Group has increased its commitment to The Smith Family Learning for Life program again in the third quarter of 2023, with 236 individual child sponsorships now being actively supported on behalf of centres around Australia. The program acknowledges the importance of additional support for children facing disadvantages, recognising that such support is essential for maintaining their engagement in education.

Educational Programs During the Festive Season

At this time of year, many families are turning their thoughts to the festive season and family holidays. We know that December and January is a busy time of year, so we wanted to reassure you that our centres are not scaling down activities over the festive period. Unlike primary schools, we remain fully operational and focused on children's learning goals.

Navigating End of Year Transitions

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum offers an abundance of research-based practices that ensure continuous learning during the holiday season. As a parent, you may wonder what development your child is progressing with during this time.

Attending Early Education During the Holidays

Research shows that children's development and learning is continuous. There are plenty of opportunities to learn regardless of the season. Consistency and predictability of care are essential benefits, as is a more gradual transition into the new year.

Festive Learning in the Nursery

Research shows that children's development and learning is continuous. There are plenty of opportunities to learn regardless of the season. Consistency and predictability of care are essential benefits, as is a more gradual transition into the new year.

Get to know your National Quality Standards – Series 3

The third Quality Area addresses physical environment. Quality Area 3, as outlined in the National Quality Standard, strives to guarantee a secure, appropriate, and stimulating physical environment that fosters children's learning and development.

Get to know your National Quality Standards – Series 2

Welcome to the second part of our National Quality Standards seven-part series, where we provide an in-depth look into the seven quality areas benchmarked against the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) standards.

Benefits of attending Early Childhood and Care during the Holiday period 

The two years before your child starts Primary School is of great significance. Affinity Education offers a two-year Kindergarten/ Preschool Program that caters to and supports your child’s holistic learning and development.

What do infants achieve in an Early Childhood Education environment?

It is natural to wonder whether infants and young children can benefit from time spent in an early childhood environment. At Affinity Education-owned centres, our Lifelong Learning Curriculum (LLC) begins as soon as your child commences their enrolment with us, regardless of age.

The importance of using the Abecedarian approach to improve toddlers’ language skills

Language is a crucial component of school readiness. No matter a child's age, they actively develop skills to become proficient and active communicators. Research shows that language development is best supported by early exposure to language and sound awareness skills.

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum – A Guide For Families

This month, we are highlighting the Lifelong Learning Curriculum, Australia's most progressive approach to early education that operates within all our Early Learning Centres. Our Educators implement this program to support our little learners to reach their full potential.

Summer Program Sessions

Your child is invited to join us during our Summer Program! Throughout December, we have planned additional exciting activities to help your child continue their early learning journey whilst benefiting from a rich variety of learning opportunities.

Papilio Educator Participates in Leadership Training 

As part of the professional development opportunities offered by Affinity Education Group to our employees, Papilio Early Learning Lead Educator Deborah Aitchison has been part of a national group who participated in the 2023 ELACCA ‘From the Ground Up’ leadership project hosted by QUT.
Artarmon Kindergarten

Why Friendships Before ‘Big School’ Are So Important

Research continues to highlight the importance of the first five years of a child’s life as the most critical period in the life span for brain development (Fox & Geddes, 2016). The richness and quality of early experiences during this critical time have lifelong impacts on future trajectories at school and beyond (OECD 2016). Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum strives to provide everything children need to develop a lifelong love of learning and be socially and emotionally resilient before moving from our centres. - Dr Lesley Jones

Guiding your Toddlers Future Behaviours and Relationships

In our Early Experiences Curriculum, our Educators are trained to provide intentional and specific visual guidance on children's language, social and behavioural development, inspired by the Abecedarian approach. From the design of learning zones within the classrooms, the predictable routines, and intentional social plays that our Educators plan for each day, we are always planning to set children up for success in a holistic manner.

How Friendships are Formed

We know how confusing and conflicting it can be for families trying to make sense of many different parent-facing strategies in the pursuit of helping their child thrive before five. Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum has a clear commitment to embedding proven and regarded practices in our early learning environments to ensure your child has the right types of experiences.

Get to know your National Quality Standards

Our childcare centres are committed to a continuous improvement journey that enriches quality education and care delivery benchmarked against the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) standards.

The Importance of Friendships and Relationships in Childcare

Research tells us that children who struggle to be socially competent by the time they reach formal school face some real challenges socially and academically, and one reason we work so hard to help young children form positive relationships and early friendships.

It’s Safe Work Month at Papilio

National Safe Work Month is upon us! Papilio Early Learning Centres have jam-packed this October with a variety of events and programs...

Aussie Wildlife Champions Dress Up and Donate Success

Through the second and third week of September, all our Papilio centres participated in the Aussie Wildlife Champions fundraiser drive for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

A day in the life – Childcare and your child’s development

This month, we wanted to share with you a little more about early childhood education, what it means, and how it works, and give you a glimpse of what your child may actually experience while with us each day.

A Day of ‘Awe’ and ‘Wonder’ in your Nursery

When thinking about a typical day in the Nursery, it is common to have preconceptions about what happens and how the educators facilitate learning. Through online research and centre tours, you will most likely obtain information that highlights how the infant room follow the baby's routine, focuses on relationships, provides sensory play, and the role of the educator may be described as an expert multitasker.

A day in the life of a Toddler

Every day in our Toddler room is filled with different types of learning that your child’s Educators have intentionally planned to support children’s growth and learning outcomes. From the moment you drop them off to our Educators to the moment your Toddler runs back to your arms with a big smile in the afternoon, your child’s day is enriched by our age-specific 1–3-year-old Early Experiences Curriculum, to ensure every child learns something fascinating and exciting every day.

How my Educators get me School Ready

Early Childhood Education has proven to play a major role in a child’s transition to school, and here at Papilio, we have passionate Educators and Early Childhood Teachers who deliver a range of programs to extend children’s curiosity, growth, and independence. This article will explore a typical day in our preschool/Kindergarten rooms.

Creativity and fun through the power of books at Papilio!

Over the week of the 21st of August, our Papilio centres celebrated book week through the power of dress up, imagination and creativity as our Educators and Teachers developed learning experiences inspired by the books the children read every day.

Spring has Sprung! What is happening at your centre?

Spring is the season for growth, and at our centres, growth can be seen in every room, program and child in our Lifelong Learning Village.

Papilio got messy for National Science Week!

Last week, all Papilio Early Learning Centres participated in National Science Week, one of our more loved and educational events of the year for our children, educators and teachers!

What the Child Care Subsidy mean for our families?

On the 10 July 2023, the Australian Government increasing the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) rates for families within Australia, resulting in reduced gap fees for some families.

10 Things to do when it’s wet with your little ones!

Entertaining children when it’s wet outside, can be difficult for an excitable and energetic child, and our Early Childcare Centres know all too well what it means when the grey clouds roll in.

Future Wildlife Champions Start at Papilio

Early Childhood Teachers and educators at Papilio Early Learning Centres are excited to start offering children aged 3-5 access to the brand new Aussie Wildlife Champions program

Saying ‘Thank you!’ on Early Childhood Educators Day

The countdown is on to Wednesday, the 6th of September, when our centres will celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day.

Get involved for National Science Week!

National Science Week is fast approaching, with the official date to launch from the 12th all the way through to the 20th of August.

Sensory Play: Nurturing your child’s early development

As a child our senses are a vital foundation of how we experience the world around us, and sensory-based play is an essential part of babies, toddlers and preschoolers' learning development.

Successful transitions through care and trust

Transitioning into care for the first time can often feel daunting for families and full of natural curiosities and ‘what if’ type questions, like “What if my baby doesn’t eat the food you provide?”.

Your little junior is graduating! Whats next?

Graduating from the junior rooms to the older 3-5-year old programs is a significant and exciting transition for young children. In this article, we unpack what families can expect as their child begins this next exciting stage of their educational journey.

Easing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in young children, it occurs when children are feeling nervous about being away from their parents or carers. Read this article as we unpack what separation anxiety may look like for them, and how you can help them develop self-regulation.

Dont miss our Preschool/Kindergarten information sessions

The kindergarten or preschool year is an important one, and one that research tells us will play a significant influence on not only preparing children for primary school but an influence on a child’s learning outcomes for many years to come.

Effective room transitioning in early childcare

Graduating from one room to the next is a significant event for children, their families and educators alike. In this article we explore what you can expect as your child transitions from one room to the next.

Australian Breastfeeding Accreditation – Supporting our Papilio families

Returning to work as a breastfeeding mother is a right for employees and parents throughout Australia and here at Papilio, we are committed to making this transition as easy as possible.

Papilio Recognises National Reconciliation Week

Our centres recognised National Reconciliation Week by creating indigenous activities that are designed to provide meaningful learning opportunities whilst having fun!

First Steps into Papilio Early Learning Tamworth

Big Thinkers STEM is an integrated and intentional program designed for children aged 3-5 years to that covers natural science, weather, physics, and biology using a learning-through-play and hands-on approach.
Happy Mothers Day 2023

Happy Mothers Day 2023

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties and guardians of the children in our care and beyond. Our Papilio Early Learning Centres celebrated Mother's Day in a variety of ways, allowing the children to participate in activities and events which celebrate this important day!

Big Thinkers STEM Program

Big Thinkers STEM is an integrated and intentional program designed for children aged 3-5 years to that covers natural science, weather, physics, and biology using a learning-through-play and hands-on approach.

New Centre Coming Soon in Tamworth

We are proud to announce Papilio Early Learning Tamworth will be open for fun and learning in early 2023! Papilio Early Learning Tamworth, is our second purpose-built centre in New South Wales, following the development of Papilio Early Learning Schofields which opened in April 2022.

IWD recognition for Shining Star Noopur Lakhera

Papilio Early Learning Wakerley is thrilled to have been recognised by Affinity Education Group for the work of their Early Childhood Teacher Noopur Lakhera in providing equitable opportunities for children in the Kindergarten classroom.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time is the activity of placing your baby on their tummy for short periods which over time aids in the physical development of your baby. This activity is suggested to be done from infancy, starting with very short periods, 1-2 minutes and then slowly increasing that time as your baby starts to feel more comfortable and stronger in the position.

Harmony Day at Papilio Bella Vista

Our centres celebrated Harmony Day by creating activities that are designed to provide meaningful learning opportunities, whilst having fun!

Centres Celebrate Holi, The Festival Of Colours!

Traditionally, the Holi festival helps bring people together and strengthen the sense of community, celebrating as one regardless of social status or wealth. The tradition of Holi is that even enemies turn friends!

Why Kindergarten is one of the most essential years

As children grow and develop, they become more curious of the world around them – and are driven to learn and explore. This is an important time to support their curiosity by exposing them to as many learning opportunities as possible.

Benefits of Drawing for Children

Drawing on a blank piece of paper is a powerful way for children's imagination and creativity to go as far as they can. Education Advisor at Affinity Education Group, Jola Sung, shared some insight into the benefits of drawing.

The Importance Of Outdoor Play: Learning In Action

From nursery to five years old the importance of exploration in a child’s development is paramount to their emotional, physical, social, language and cognitive growth.

Celebrating Early Childhood Educators Day

Early Childhood Educators Day, is a very special day for our community. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and thank our teachers and educators for their dedication and commitment to ensuring high-quality early learning opportunities for all children.