Transitioning to a New Room & on to Primary School


How our Educators Support your Child as they Transition to a New Room

When your child has achieved their developmental milestones for the room they are in, our educators will begin the process to introduce and transition them to the next room up.

Entering a new environment can be an overwhelming experience for some children, especially when they are surrounded by unfamiliar faces. At Papilio, we understand that each child is unique and will need customised support when settling into a new environment.

Papilio educators support children during transitions by:

  • Spending time getting to know each child and their family;
  • Ensuring that children's emotional wellbeing is top priority;
  • Planning intentional experiences for educators to facilitate conversation and build relationships through play;
  • Utilising unhurried 'care moments', like meal times, to connect with each child.

Tips for Parents to Help with Transitions

  • Share photos of teachers or friends in the new room and regularly include them in discussions. 
  • Develop a shared ritual with your child before heading to child care - have breakfast together, talk about what's happening that day, recite a positive mantra, etc.
  • Prepare a photo of your family or the person your child loves the most for them to take to school. 
  • Involve your child in decision-making on a lunch box, attire, packing, bags, etc. Start prepping your child emotionally three days before. 
  • Create a routine first, and then create a visual poster for your child to have visual guide for each step in their routine. 
  • Meeting your child's teacher before the transition can support your child in feeling a sense of belonging when they see positive relationships being role-modelled. Not only will this benefit your child's transition, but it could also ease your nerves as a parent!
Transitioning To A New Room | Information For Families | Papilio Early Learning

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