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Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) provides financial assistance to help families with child care costs. This support allows families to more easily access high-quality child care and early education, offering valuable learning and development opportunities for their children.

The amount of CCS you receive depends on various factors, including your family’s income, the type of child care you use, your child’s age, your activity hours, and the number of children in your care.

The CCS is paid directly to the child care provider, which in turn reduces your fees.

Use our simple Child Care Subsidy estimator tool to find out what your family might pay for early education and child care at Papilio Early Learning Centres.

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Papilio Early Learning Centres

Learn more about starting at Papilio, transitioning to a new room, booking an occasional care day (or casual day), and how we use progress records.

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Starting at Papilio

Starting early education and care is an exciting time for families. Learn more about what to bring, what your child should wear, what to leave at home and tips to help your child get settled in.

Occasional Care Days | Information For Families | Papilio Early Learning

Occasional Care Days

Occasional care (or a casual day) is child care on days outside your normal set days, allowing you the flexibility to attend appointments or enjoy some time to yourself. Learn how to book here.

Transitioning To A New Room | Information For Parents | Papilio Early Learning


When your child has achieved their developmental milestones for the room they are in at Papilio, our educators will begin the process to introduce and transition them to the next room up.

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Progress Records

Progress Records play an important role in helping your child reach their full potential at Papilio. Learn more about how we use them an their importance here.

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Meals Prepared Onsite

Each day our Papilio centre cooks prepare a wide variety of nutritious meals and purees onsite for the children and babies in our centres, taking the time to involve the children in meal preparation and healthy food education.

Creativity is essential when satisfying a number of young food critics every day, as is care, to ensure children's daily nutritional needs, and any individual cultural or dietary requirements are being met.

Note: A small number of our centres do not provide meals. The Centre Manager will let you know when you meet the team prior to enrolment though.

Child Care Near Me | Papilio Early Learning Centres
Child Care Near Me | Papilio Early Learning Centres

Outdoor Play Area

Each Papilio Early Learning Centre features an exciting outdoor play area for children to explore, build confidence, and develop friendships.

Outdoor play is an essential experience for young children as it plays a vital role in their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

The outdoor play area is different at each Papilio centre, but all include a large playground, sandpit and space to run, jump, balance and climb.

Child Care Near Me | Papilio Early Learning Centres
Child Care Near Me | Papilio Early Learning Centres


Papilio has partnered with Wandana Aboriginal Education to deliver a purpose-built Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural education program for children.

This unique program is an immersive cultural learning experience for all students and teachers, and includes weekly classroom activities, as well as an authentic Aboriginal handmade artefacts and education kit.

Child Care Near Me | Papilio Early Learning Centres