Happy Mothers Day 2023

Happy Mothers Day 2023

Papilio Early Learning Centres celebrating Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties and guardians of the children in our care and beyond. 

Our Papilio Early Learning Centres celebrated Mother's Day in a variety of ways, allowing the children to participate in activities and events which celebrate this important day! 

How Our Queensland Centres Celebrated Mother’s Day

Papilio Early Learning Wakerley

Papilio Early Learning Wakerley celebrated with their children and families on the 12th of May with a wonderful afternoon tea. The children created Mother's Day artwork for the mother figures in their lives!

Papilio Early Learning Sherwood

Papilio Early Learning Sherwood organised a coffee van to greet the families as they dropped off their children, with the fun continuing throughout the day with Mother’s Day activities for the children and morning tea. 

Belinda Dwyer, Centre Manager for Papilio Early Learning Sherwood, shared, “Being quite new to Sherwood, it was so nice to host a morning tea to connect and chat with our lovely mums. Made even more special with a local coffee van visiting to spoil our families.” 

How Our New South Wales Centres Celebrated Mother’s Day

Papilio Early Learning Pitt Town

Papilio Early Learning Pitt Town celebrated Mother's Day by hosting an amazing breakfast for all their wonderful Mums. Chef Miss Louise put on a delicious spread for mums on the run and mums who could stay and spend some time with their children.  

Georgia Micallef, Centre Manager for Papilio Early Learning Pitt Town, shared, “Each of our rooms had fun activities such as craft, playdough and necklace making to showcase the exciting activities we love doing with our children. We were even lucky enough to have our IFA sports visit with coach Anthony coincide with our mum’s visit, so our little ones got to show off their ever-growing skills.” 

“Thank you, Miss Louise, for the delicious goodies this morning and thank you to the wonderful teachers who help the children pour all their love into making beautiful presents. I love Mother’s Day gifts from school and cherish them so much 💛.” - Papilio Early Learning Pitt Town parent feedback. 

How Our Victoria Centres Celebrated Mother’s Day

Papilio Early Learning Murrumbeena

Papilio Early Learning Murrumbeena celebrated by inviting Mothers and Mother figures to the centre for a day of fun, food and learning. 

Papilio Early Learning Camberwell

Papilio Early Learning Camberwell also celebrated early with a Mother's Day afternoon tea which included a range of fun activities for the children. 

Katherine Lester, Centre Manager at Papilio Early Learning Camberwell, shared, “What a special afternoon we had for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea. It was lovely to see new friendships being made between families and so many happy faces.”  

We gave out gifts, painted nails, created artwork, made bracelets and spent quality time with each other. We are so grateful to share these special moments with our families and their children. We hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing Happy Mother’s Day!" 

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